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Caring for the quality of your water for over 40 years

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Water Refining Systems LLC

ServiSoft Water Refining Systems LLC

ServiSoft Water Refining Systems, LLC is an established water refining business serving the needs of greater Connecticut for over 40 years. Wayne Liscinsky, owner for the past 25 years, is personally involved in all aspects – from analyzing the water and recommending water filter systems, to installation, service and maintenance.

Specializing in drinking water, ServiSoft is your area's authorized dealer for:

  • Water Softeners
  • Neutralizers
  • Iron Filters
  • UltraViolet (UV) Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
  • Aeration Systems
  • Sediment Filters

We are your area's authorized dealer for these trusted manufacturers:

  • WaterSoft
  • Water-Right
  • CSI Water Treatment Systems
  • Autotrol
  • Hydrotech

"I’m very committed to providing my customers with the highest quality water on a consistent, continuing basis. The only way I’m confident that this is achieved is by personally meeting with the customer, understanding their water usage and needs, diagnosing the water problems present, and making sure that the system we install is operating in tip-top shape. We check up on our systems on a regular, ongoing basis – taking the burden off of our customers.

Pure, clean water is not a luxury – it’s a necessity."
- Wayne Liscinsky

ServiSoft Water Refining Systems LLC



Westport, CT

"ServiSoft provides prompt, professional, and expert service. The ServiSoft team makes customer service a priority, and this level of services is among the best I have ever experienced in any industry. Installation, repair, delivery service....all top notch."


President & CEO
Marketing Consultancy

"I have been a customer of ServiSoft Water Refining Systems for over 15 years and have enjoyed tremendous products and customer service. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation."

Jan and Dave H

"We have been satisfied customers of ServiSoft since 1977. We have found their products and support to be excellent - exactly what we need in our home. The service is what has made this company special to us. Only a few problems have occurred during these 26 years, but when they did, a call to Wayne (even on a Sunday) resulted in a return call quickly. If needed, Wayne then altered his schedule to be here to address the problem. It is a pleasure to recommend ServiSoft to all that may need water conditioning in their home."


M. Price Distributing Co.
Seems like we had more iron than water coming out of our faucets. Over the years the established well and water treatment companies came up with solutions and systems sure to cure our problems. What was installed had marginal effects and service was little more than seeing if the systems were plugged in.

When our plumber was replacing worn away fixtures in our orange tub he told us that we did not have to live like this and suggested we call Wayne at ServiSoft. Wayne promptly returned my call, made an appointment to assess our situation and made recommendations both for modifications to our current set-up and for a new system. Based on the reasonable cost and on Wayne’s knowledge and thorough explanations, we went with the new system option. Immediate positive results and he even came out at the drop of a hat for some fine-tuning. We now have only small traces of iron. No more scrubbing tubs and toilets on a weekly basis, no more anxiety of orange clothes coming out of the laundry. Wayne and Servisoft have literally changed the way we live. Thanks.


Selection, Service

M. Price Distributing Co.
We have been using ServiSoft for over 10 years and they have the best pricing and customer service in the extended Fairfield County area. The owner, Wayne, goes above and beyond to help his clients and keeps his pricing fair and below competitors while providing excellent quality and service. We highly recommend ServiSoft to all our friends and neighbors!

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